Safa Worldwide specializing in data aggregation and lead generation

About us

Safa Worldwide is a company that specializes in data aggregation and lead generation. Using proprietary software it enables companies to target consumers whose behavior will ultimately trigger a purchase, even if that purchase is in another market sector.

This is done not only by selling targeted sales leads meaning that companies can ultimately reduce their cost per acquisition but also by providing real-time behavioral information to aid the sales process. Safa Worldwide also acts as an introducer between potential customers and partners. Safa Worldwide receives referrals from brokers who have been unable to find a product for potential customers allowing an introduction to be made to a more suitable partner, these will mostly be in the financial services sector. A Safa Worldwide call centre representative gathers information from the potential customer about their needs and profile, which is entered into the bespoke system in order to 'match' the potential assured with a suitable product / partner.